Chiama OraPrenota Ora

Residence With Pool

Residence With Pool in Tuscany Coast

The Residence has a stunning infinity pool that is open from April to October.

The pool measures 16×8 metres and has a max. depth of 1.45 m. Inside the pool there is a whirlpool system and a system for generating waves.

There is also a pool for children with a max. depth of 50 cm that can be accessed via wide steps.

The swimming pool is maintained at a constant temperature and is equipped with a purification system and a system for adjusting the pH.

A safety fence surrounds the pool.

Shower facilities and foot baths are strategically placed at the entrance to the pool area. There is easy access to those with disabilities.

The pool is easily accessible from all sides of the Residence and is equipped with deck chairs, sun loungers, tables and sun umbrellas.

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